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Certified Behavioral Coach


Certified Behavioural Coach


Formal Certification for an In-demand Skill Set


This certification applies to the mastery of strategies that will help individuals to guide others into identifying where they are, where they want to be and the best strategies for getting there.


It relates to the application of tested methods for coaching behaviour modification. The certification is designed to support leadership, coaching and mentoring, the enhancing of productivity and the creation of a positive environment in groups and organizations.


The crisis related to Employee Engagement is a major challenge internationally. Coaching at the functional levels is now an imperative for organizations who want to remain competitive. This is NOT an issue that can be simply left for HR to sort out.


Target groups include the Executive Corps, HR Professionals, Team Leaders, Middle Managers, Supervisory Personnel, Counsellors and Mentors.


The Modules: High impact skill sets


1. Apply a structured framework for achieving success with & through people


2. Use a behavioural framework to identify behavioural styles in daily interaction


3. Develop sustainable relationships with persons with diverse behavioural preferences


4. Settle disputes using style-directed approaches


5. Master the application and interpretation of Extended DISC/FinxS Solutions


6. Give and receive feedback without pushback


7. Give instructions that get it done the first time


8. Develop high performance teams and support team cohesiveness  


9. Provide supervision and leadership to different styles and varied situations


10. Respond appropriately to different styles of leadership and supervision


International Coach Federation  

Continuing Coach Education Credits

Core Competence: Communicating Effectively

11. A. Effective Listening

Ability to focus completely on what the client is saying and is not saying, to understand the meaning of what is said in the context of the client's desires, and to support client self-expression.


11. B. Powerful Questioning:

Ability to ask questions that reveal the information needed for maximum benefit to the coaching relationship and the client.


11. C. Direct Communication

Ability to communicate effectively during coaching sessions, and to use language that has the greatest positive impact on the client.


Certification Awarding Entities:


International Coach Federation

Extended DISC/FinxS International

Success with People Academy

INFOSERV Institute of Technology




  • 10 live, interactive online sessions

  • Ongoing e-mail support plus Skype/telephone consultations

  • Access to Success with People online learning experience

  • Pre-workshop assignment

  • Application of Extended DISC/FinxS solutions in your environment

  • Extensive library of course materials

  • Completion of formal assessment

  • Formal award of International Coach Federation "Certified Behavioural Coach" designation

  • International Coach Federation CCE credits.


Support Mechanisms


  • Certification Manuals

  • 5 e-Workbooks on  Engagement, Coaching, Mentoring, Leadership, Conflict

  • Course materials including PowerPoint presentations

  • Consultation (hand holding)

  • 5 revolutionary Success with People Academy DNA Reports on the Extended DISC/FinxS platform

  • 5 FinxS Competency-based Ideal Job Templates for benchmarking


System for Assuring Transfer and Application of Competences


Critical Aspects of Evidence

The program has identified groups of competences that are central to effective coaching. It deploys the INFOSERV Compliance Management Solution that is used in the high stakes training and monitoring related to POCA/AML/ATF compliance.

Coaches and coachees are provided with specific access to the INFOSERV CMS to record when events related to the critical aspects of evidence take place. This then closes the loop along with the rigorous assessment system to ensure that the objectives of the program are being met.

Coaches must provide evidence of the following:

  1. Knowledge of the value of classifying behaviours and of responding appropriately to them


  1. Knowledge of the DISC classification system or any appropriate behavioural classification system

  2. Knowledge of how differences in outlook stimulate misunderstandings and conflicts

  3. Identification of strategies for avoiding negative inter-personal developments

  4. Knowledge of the key behavioural characteristics of each behavioural style and their identification in observed behaviours

  5. Use  key approaches to relating better to each of the core behavioural styles

  6. Demonstration of how to resolve disputes and win favour with each core behavioural style

  7. Application of proven principles for communicating effectively with each behavioural style

  8. Application of ground rules to effectively give feedback to each behavioural style

  9. Application of  appropriate strategies for giving instructions to each behavioural style

  10. Selection of responses that will enhance team- or group-cohesiveness in situations in which the behavioural styles interact

  11. Use of appropriate strategies for promoting excellence from each behavioural style

  12. Choice of  appropriate responses in leading and supervising each behavioural style

  13. Application of a strategy for achieving success with & through people

  14. Behaviour Modification plans based on a formal behavioural analysis




US$1,400 covers:

  • Certification Manuals

  • 5 e-Workbooks on  Engagement, Coaching, Mentoring, Leadership, Conflict

  • Course materials including PowerPoint presentations

  • Consultation (hand holding)

  • 5 revolutionary Success with People Academy DNA Reports on the Extended DISC/FinxS platform

  • 5 FinxS Competency-based Ideal Job Templates

  • Formal Assessment and Award of "Certified Behavioural Coach" designation

  • International Coach Federation CCE credits.




Trevor Smith


Tel: (876) 535-6677; 315-1345


Investment: US$1400.00

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