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Trainer/Coach Library Sale

Enhance your results with pre-session diagnostics and post-intervention reinforcement. Your package includes:

  1. Training Videos & Coaching Resources multi-media e-book.
  2. Instant Coach: Relating from Style to Style behavioral tip generator.
  3. The "Success with People" online learning experience. Multi-entry, Lifetime seats.
  4. Team Diagnostics Tool. A multi-use, interactive e-book research solution.
  5. Success with People Academy’s best behaviour modification learning objects from our "Aha! Moment" series.

Download on your USB drive for instant access any where, any time.

The SWPA: Training Videos and Coaching Resources

This is a perfect answer to those all too frequent situations in which you need to facilitate a seminar or workshop session or provide coaching and you are at your wits end to get something prepared in the time available.

The Success with People Academy: Training Videos & Coaching Resources are a great addition to your training and coaching armoury! Use the video clips and support e-resources to support any coaching or behavioural intervention.

Training Videos & Coaching Resources multi-media e-book

Training Videos & Coaching Resources is a unique gap filling package. Key features include:

  1. Revolutionary new multi-media e-book format.
  2. Downloaded on your USB drive for convenience.
  3. Ready access to at least two days of coaching resources.
  4. Easy navigation with one interface.
  5. Clever gap filling options for difficult moments.
  6. Reduced preparation time.

Training Videos & Coaching Resources benefits include:

  • Multi-purpose content that supports any intervention that requires behaviour modification.
  • Over two full days of high impact training and coaching content.
  • Use of the trusted 4-quadrant/D-I-S-C Framework which is brought to life with intriguing videos.
  • Phenomenal time savings re research and pre-coaching preparation.
  • Carefully thought out electronic coaching guides and discussion maps.
  • Perennial relevance and multi-faceted usage which generate high returns on investment.
  • Convenient download to USB drive for any time, any place use.
  • Budget-friendly pricing so you can still add value to your library.

This multi-media downloadable resource includes:

  1. 10 video clips with facilitator guides.
  2. Context setting outlines in customizable, slide show format.
  3. Discussion issues and questions for initial viewing during sessions in slide show format.
  4. Additional issues and questions for repeat viewing for enhanced interactivity and deeper understanding.
  5. Powerful, productivity enhancing coaching resources.

This e-resource kit is chock full of learning materials and easily supports up to 2 full, highly interactive workshop days in a cross-section of areas including:

  1. Understanding Self and Others
  2. Interpersonal Relationships
  3. Behaviour Modification
  4. Customer Service
  5. Leadership
  6. Team Building
  7. Conflict Resolution
  8. Supervisory Management
  9. Effective Communication
  10. Giving and Receiving Instructions and Feedback
  11. Fostering Excellence
  12. Productivity improvement

Expand your training and coaching horizons!

The Success with People Academy: Training Videos & Coaching Resources multi-media e-book is downloadable on your USB drive and opens up the possibility of more flexible and convenient any time, any place access to you. Here's to great coaching results!

Instant Coach: Relating from Style to Style

This is an instant tip generating device. A great aide in providing coaching on how to relate to different behavioural style from any personal preference.

This is one participant resource that will be treasured!

"Success with People" online learning experience

The Success with People Online Experience in Support of the HR function

The Success with People online learning experience adds value by:

  • Eliminating time away from the workplace
  • Reducing the logistical cost of delivering training
  • Enabling any time, any place learning
  • Facilitating training across geographical locations
  • Supporting targeted coaching and development

About the Success with People Experience

Success with People 2.0 uses a variety of instructional methods to enrich your learning experience. There is extensive use of funecdotes and mini-cases to provide a solid platform for experiential learning. Ongoing assessments and a feedback option serve to ensure that the transfer of knowledge is taking place and that you are comfortable with the program.

Success with People 2.0 is customized to the 29 work environment factors of the Extended DISC® Personal Analysis. That makes it an ideal support tool for targeted self adjustment or executive coaching.

The targeted approach facilitates the evaluation of training return-on-investment.

The use of hundreds of context-appropriate quotes from Welch, through Drucker to Aristotle enriches the learning process and motivates learners to complete their program of study.

The provision of tracking information keeps learners on top of their progress.

Key subjects that are addressed in Success with People 2.0 core content include:

  • Reading People 101 - Foundations, Application
  • What drives the four basic behavioural styles?
  • Identifying the primary behavioural styles in action
  • Getting acquainted, Comfort inducers and Discomfort inducers
  • Resolving disputes, Winning favour, Getting to win-win
  • Leading and supervising: Promoting Excellence, Directing and Leading Change
  • Giving Instructions and Assigning Tasks
  • Winning Communication Strategies
  • Giving negative feedback
  • Team dynamics: Team leadership issues
  • Team cohesiveness issues
  • Getting better results from your preferred style

Take the SWP Tour

Your 25 multi-entry, life time seats gives you the added capacity to give participants access to pre-session online coaching to maximize seminar room activity.

Also, SWPs powerful post-session reinforcement addresses the issue of the steep fall-off in retention at the end of interventions.

I am already comfortable that I am getting great value for my investment. Surprise me with the other items in the package.

Team Diagnostics Tool

The ultimate coaching data gathering tool! Simply send the e-book link to team or work group members prior to your intervention and have their feedback on the state of affairs in the team sent to you.

This provides you with a “survey on the go” solution minus logistical set up hassles. Also, the unique e-book sets you apart.

"Aha! Moment" Learning Objects and Iceberg Smashers

These are some of the most high impact activities in the Success with People playbook. They go well beyond mere ice breakers and are guaranteed to get even the most reluctant seminar participant engaged in excited discussion.

The great added benefit is that the activities are filled with “Aha! Moments”. “Now I understand” and “So that is why” realizations abound. The featured learning objects include:

  1. What makes people tick?: A presentation of mini-profiles with likes and dislikes is used to generate discussion as to how to interact with different personalities. Available in PowerPoint and Flash formats.
  2. 7 A’s Framework for Transformation: A unique step-by-step guide in coaching individuals or groups to behaviour modification.
  3. The Way We Are Series: A provocative testing of deeply-ingrained thinking as the group discusses evidence that is presented on the topic: "If infants and adults breathe the same air, why do they behave so differently when it comes to inter-personal relations?"
    Powerful discussion anchors include:
    • Ice cream request
    • Invitation for a drink
    • Tomato Juice?
    • Moving beyond...
    • Story telling
    • Grumpy…transformed?
    • Paint warehouse... labeling
    Supported by PowerPoint and coach’s guide notes.

Why this amazing offer?

We have shared the challenge of balancing logistics and paperwork with the delivery of coaching and training.

We know what it is to wanting to keep the material fresh and different in the midst of serious time challenges.

We know how valuable it is to have high impact, multi-purpose content readily at hand to fit into those awkward moments that arise all too frequently.

Yes. I see how this package of training and coaching resources adds value to what I do and to our organization.

The entire package with the 5 power components requires an investment of only US$249! Yes, that includes the 25 seats to the Success with People online learning experience and the invaluable Team Diagnostic Tool.

Investment: US$249

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Purchase this Product


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