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Trainer/Coach Library Sale

The Success with People Academy: Training Videos & Coaching Resources are a great addition to your training and coaching armoury! Use the video clips and support e-resources to support any behavioural intervention .

Cost: US$249 | more details

My Love DNA Report & Manual

"What I Need From A Relationship: My Love DNA Report And Manual" is a pointed diagnosis of your orientation to romantic love and what you need for fulfillment from such a relationship. The powerful behavioural mapping provides unique guidance as to where you will find lasting love. The coaching manual uses the Four Cs Model of Relationships to steer you towards a happy and fulfilling long term relationship. Looking to bless a friend with a lasting gift, get them "What I Need From A Relationship: My Love DNA Report And Manual" now!

Cost: US$70.00 | more details

Certified Behavioral Coach

Get International Certification Now! "Becoming a Certified Behavioural Coach is definitely one of the best things I did for my life and career. It was new; it challenged me and introduced possibilities for my work as a communications strategist focused on people development.

Cost: US$1400.00 | more details

Parenting Styles Report

Are you sending mixed signals to your children? Do you have questions about how your partner handles certain situations with the children? If you answer yes to any of these or are unsure about them, then you should get this unique comparative analysis of your parenting styles.

more details


Click here for a non-traditional approach to "Dealing with angry customers". Get your FREE copy of our ebook by signing up!

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