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The SWPA 3-step strategy for success

By Trevor E Smith Posted: October 22, 2010

The SWPA 3-step strategy for success uses an easily understood, non-judgemental way to describe our options for coping with the circumstances that we face. In essence, it classifies the approaches or tool-kits that we have available for dealing with situations into four distinct groups:

  • Dominance: The tendency to take control of situations.

  • Inducement: The tendency to interact with and influence others.

  • Steadiness: The tendency to work harmoniously and consistently, especially in teams.

  • Compliance: The tendency to focus on rules, structure and details.

We have access to all the tool-kits at all times. The truth is we do in fact use tools from all of them at some time. No one set of tools are better or worse than any other across the board. Some work better in given circumstances and poorly in other situations. The trick is to pick the best tool for the situation at hand.

The SWPA 3-step strategy

  1. Get more comfortable using tools from all the tool-kits

  2. Learn to identify which tools best suit any given situation and

  3. Develop the discipline to use an appropriate tool for every situation.

Mastery of this SWP 3-step strategy is guaranteed to produce significant transformation at the personal, group and organization levels.

About the Author
Trevor ES Smith is an author and people skills and performance enhancement specialist with the Success with People Academy. He is a hands-on practitioner in the areas of Inter-personal relations, Marketing, Sales, HR and Management processes.

He presents unique perspectives on inter-personal relationships, leadership, team building, customer service, technology and time mastery.